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Life, Software, and the Pursuit of Everything


Family Portrait My name is Nathan (Thomas) Reid. I’m a 27-year old software developer living in Austin, TX with the two greatest blessings in my life: my wife Morgan and daughter Autumn. I started programming in QBasic at the age of 9 and never looked back. In my teens I spent countless hours attempting to build a sentient AI (and failing splendidly, of course!).

I am addicted to learning, designing, and creating new things. This blog is intended to be an outlet for my thoughts - perhaps some will be brilliant; many others will likely be misguided. My goal is to at least learn from myself as I draft these articles, and hopefully to gain input from my readers as well.

Most of my day is spent working with C#, Javascript, and SQL as I architect and develop web and mobile applications. In my personal “tech” time I focus on exploring new technologies and design patterns.

As such, I expect this blog to largely be filled with technical content, although that may be interspersed with articles about my myriad other interests such as tiny houses, backyard chickens, and blacksmithing.

I spend my spare time hanging with my family, playing violin, developing games, exploring new technologies, watching Big Bang Theory, and running around the Austin trails barefoot.